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Garage Floor Epoxy In Warrenville

Top Signs You Should Get In Touch with a Company That Specializes in Garage Floor Coatings Near You in Warrenville, CT

Pro Coating Concrete is a full-service garage floor epoxy company that has been transforming the concrete floors of Windham County commercial and residential properties with high-quality garage floor coatings for years. Our team of professionally trained local contractors are experts in all types of garage epoxy coatings, such as vinyl chip, color quartz, metallic, and self-leveling, and can masterfully design and expertly install an epoxy seal garage floor system in any color and style you can think of. Using the highest quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry, the most advanced techniques, and proven strategies, our epoxy garage floor installers will turn your boring, dull concrete floor into a functional work of art. If you’re thinking about installing an epoxy garage floor coating in your Warrenville, CT home or business, instead of searching for “garage floor coatings near me”, for the best results possible, call Pro Coating Concrete.

Telltale Signs You Should Consider Investing in an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

While bare concrete floors are relatively durable and can withstand a good bit of wear and tear on their own, regular use, constant exposure to the heavyweight of vehicles and machinery, as well as exposure to liquids, such as oil, antifreeze, and water can damage a concrete floor. Fortunately, there’s a way to improve the durability, enhance the appearance, and ensure that they’ll last a long time. How? With epoxy garage floor coating.

Epoxy is comprised of a mixture of polymer resins and hardeners that, when applied to a concrete surface, create a strong plastic-like coating. The result is an impermeable surface, that’s extremely durable, moisture- and stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. Plus, it’s highly versatile and can be applied in a wide range of colors and patterns to create an aesthetically-pleasing look. If your existing concrete garage floors are displaying any of the following signs, you might want to consider getting in touch with a Windham County company that specializes in garage floor coatings near you.


Over time, bare concrete is bound to start cracking. Cracks can occur for a number of reasons; however, some of the most common reasons including poor-quality materials and installation, as well as settling. Whatever the cause, if the concrete floors in your Warrenville, CT garage are cracked, you should consider having an epoxy floor coating installed.

Epoxy can conceal minor cracks, and if the damage is extensive, reputable Windham County epoxy garage floor installers near you will make any necessary repairs. In addition to correcting existing cracks, an epoxy garage floor coating can prevent new cracks from developing.

Chips and Flakes

Is your Warrenville, CT concrete garage floor covered in chips or is the surface flaking? Chips and flaking could be the result of spalling, a condition that occurs when concrete is exposed to moisture. Long-term exposure to moisture can weaken concrete and eventually, the surface can start to chip and flake off. Chips can also occur when items are dropped on concrete, such as heavy tools – especially if the concrete is already weakened or if the quality of the material was poor when it was installed. Chips and flakes in your garage floor not only impact the look of the surface but can further weaken it and cause even more damage. If you notice any chips or flaking, consider getting in touch with a reputable Windham County company that specializes in garage floor coatings near you to repair the damage and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure.


If your concrete garage floor is discolored, whether as a result of stains or moisture intrusion, there’s no doubt that the appearance is impacted. Even more concerning, however, is that discoloration could actually weaken the structural integrity of your garage floor. Epoxy garage floor coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can completely transform the look of the discolored concrete floors in your Warrenville, CT garage, and of course, it will improve the durability of the structure.


If you notice inclines and declines on your Warrenville NY garage floor while you’re driving or walking along them, you should definitely consider getting in touch with reputable epoxy garage floor installers near you in Windham County. Concrete floors usually become uneven as a result of ground settling or improper installation; whatever the reason, if your garage floor is uneven, it’s unsafe, as anyone who walks across the surface could trip and fall, or any vehicles that are driven over it could potentially become damaged. Self-leveling epoxy garage flooring can fill in those dips and will make your garage floor a smooth, even surface.

Looking for a Reputable Company That Specializes in Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Near You?

If the concrete garage floor in your Warrenville, CT home is showing any of the above-mentioned signs, a professional that’s experienced in installing epoxy garage floor coatings near you can repair and revive the surface. Instead of searching for “epoxy garage floor near me”, get in touch with a company that has a proven track record of success: Pro Coating Concrete. For more information about our epoxy garage flooring services, give us a call at 860-944-9977 or visit us online at