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Garage Floor Epoxy In Windham

Why You Should Consider Installing an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating in Your Windham, CT Commercial Garage

If you’re planning on installing an epoxy garage floor coating in your Windham, CT home, or business, you want to find the most reputable professional to do the job. Sure, you could search online for “garage floor coatings near me” or “epoxy garage floor installers near me” and you may be able to find a reliable contractor, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of searching the internet, contact a garage floor epoxy company that has a proven track record of success: Pro Coating Concrete. As full-service, locally-owned, and operated epoxy garage floor installers, we specialize in the installation of all types of garage floor coatings from the best manufacturers in the industry. With a garage epoxy coating from our experts, you can have confidence knowing that your concrete floors will be visually pleasing, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. When you choose Pro Coating Concrete for your Windham County epoxy garage floor coating needs, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive outstanding results.

The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring for Your Windham County Business

If you’re a professional mechanic, your commercial garage is the foundation of your business. Of all the surfaces in your Windham, CT garage, the floor takes the biggest beating. It’s exposed to the excessive weight of the vehicles you work on, the impact of the tools you use, and various types of liquids. In other words, your commercial garage floor can take a serious beating. Whether the floors in your shop are showing signs of wear and tear or you want to prevent them from becoming damaged, there’s an excellent solution: epoxy garage flooring.

An epoxy garage floor coating is made of a combination of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and other compounds that, when applied to concrete, creates a reaction that generates a hard, yet flexible coating. In fact, epoxy seal garage floor products are considered the gold-star standard of commercial garage floor coatings. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that an epoxy garage floor coating provides and why you should consider installing it in your Windham County shop.

It’s Extremely Durable

If you want the floors in your Windham, CT shop to be as durable as possible, installing an epoxy garage floor coating is definitely your best bet. Epoxy garage floor coatings are stain- and moisture-resistant and can withstand constant exposure to water, oil, antifreeze, and other types of harsh chemicals. They can also stand up to the heavyweight of the vehicles you work on, as well as the impact of heavy tools that are dragged across or drop on your commercial garage floor. It’s because of this durability that an epoxy garage floor coating provides that so many professional mechanics in Windham County use it in their shops.

The Design Options Are Endless

Epoxy garage floor coatings are available in a wide range of designs. Reputable Windham County professional epoxy garage floor installers will carry an assortment of products from the best manufactures and will be able to personalize your commercial garage in any pattern, color, or finish you can imagine. They’ll even be able to include the custom logo so that it’s branded to your Windham, CT business.

It’s Restorative

If the existing floors in your Windham County workshop are stained, chipped, cracked, or damaged in any other way, a garage epoxy coating can bring them back to life. A garage epoxy coating can fill in cracks and chips, conceal stains, and because they are self-leveling they’ll make your floors smooth, even, and professional.

It Improves Safety

Safety needs to be a top priority in your shop, and an epoxy floor coating can help to make your business safe. Some epoxy garage floor coating systems, such as color quartz and vinyl chips, have traction and will make your floors slip-resistant, which can help to prevent slips and falls, improving the safety of you, your staff, your clients, and anyone else who walks through your commercial garage.

The Installation is Quick

A reputable Windham County garage floor epoxy company will be able to install a coating on your shop floor in just a few hours. In no time, you’ll have a durable, attractive, professional-looking garage floor and won’t have to shut down your business for a prolonged period of time so you can keep your garage operational.

It’s Affordable

An epoxy garage floor coating – especially when you have it installed by a reliable Windham County professional – is quite affordable. Compared to other types of concrete floor coatings, the initial price is a lot less expensive; add to that the fact that it’s long-lasting and can protect your floors from damage and stains and it’s a very cost-effective solution.

It’s Easy to Maintain

The floors of a commercial garage are exposed to a lot of dirt and debris and keeping them clean can be a challenge; with an epoxy garage floor coating, however, cleaning will be a breeze. When spills happen, you can quickly wipe them up, and a quick sweeping and mopping is all you need to do to keep them looking great.

Windham County’s Most Reliable Garage Floor Epoxy Company is Just a Call or Click Away!

Given all of the benefits that an epoxy garage floor coating provides, it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular option among professional mechanics. For fast, affordable, reliable, and high-quality garage epoxy coating installations, Windham, CT’s leading garage floor coating experts: Pro Coating Concrete. For more information about our services, get in touch with us at 860-944-9977 or today!