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Have you noticed cracks and moisture on your garage floor? That’s not what garage floors should look like! Garage floors should be tough and durable. However, that isn’t always how all houses in Connecticut, are made so you will have to do some work on your garage floor by yourself. Don’t despair, the surest way to toughen up your garage floor is to use garage floor epoxy. Applying a coat of garage floor epoxy is a great step that you can take to toughen up your garage floor, and it isn’t difficult either. Read on for some tips on creating the toughest floor for your garage.

What are Epoxy Coatings?

Before you get started, you should know a little bit about what epoxy coating actually is. Usually, epoxy floor coatings are two part solids bases, solvent or water based. The epoxy flooring is made up of a resin and a hardener, which is like a glue. This level of quality is ideal for a garage floor because of its strength and adherence. Epoxy coating is different from regular garage floor paints because they are not part oil or water based. You should know, however, that not all garage floor epoxy is created equal. Epoxy is not your average painted garage floor.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

It is a common misunderstanding that epoxy paints are just like semi gloss or enamel paints. Epoxy floor coatings are in a class all by themselves because they are made from two parts of coating that are mixed together. Epoxy coatings stick to your garage floor, or any concrete floor, much better than any conventional oil paint. With garage floor epoxy coating, your garage floor will look bolder and have a super high gloss finish. No regular paint is able to match that look or strength. Epoxy floor coatings are also nearly stain proof. They are also very easy to clean. Our garage floor epoxy coatings are also designed to last up to twenty years! If you are considering coating your garage floor with epoxy, read on for some tips we have learned over the years of being Connecticut’s leading epoxy coating experts.

Epoxy Coating can Weather the Storm

One of the best things about garage floor epoxy coating is that it can stand up to all the elements. Garage floor epoxy is resistant to chemicals, dirt, moisture, and salts. This makes it ideal for people in Connecticut when the winter comes. Epoxy floor coating also prevents dust and dirt from spreading all around your garage and onto your possessions like your car. In normal concrete floors, cracks and other errors create powder and dust that get kicked up by heavy foot traffic. With garage floor epoxy coating, you are sealing your floor so it is safe from weather, dirt, and traffic.

Quick Clean up

One of the best benefits of epoxy coating of your garage floor is how quickly it is to clean. If you are planning on coating your garage floor with epoxy coating, you will be glad to know you won’t be spending too much time on the upkeep in the future. When it is time to clean your garage floor, you will need only a mild soap and a mop. Stains from snow and foot traffic are easily cleaned up on an epoxy covered garage floor. Cleaning your garage floor will be quick and easy if you use epoxy coating.

The Perfect Parking Spot

Any at home mechanic or car lover will tell you that parking your car in a garage coated with epoxy is the best way to go. Epoxy is chemical and stain resistant, so oil, brake fluid, gas, anti-freeze, and other auto related chemicals, can get wiped up with ease. Even items like tool boxes or car jacks will not damage a garage floor coated in epoxy because the coating is so durable. One thing people are often concerned about with epoxy garage floors is hot tire pick up. If you are worried about your epoxy coated garage floor going soft from hot tires, make sure you use only the highest grade epoxy. If you drive your car into your garage a lot, be sure to use a thicker and multiple coats of epoxy.

The Perfect Parking Spot

When you decide to coat your Connecticut garage floor with epoxy, you will be saving money in the long run. Because garage floor epoxy is so durable, you will probably not have to reapply it for twenty years or so. And if you are an ambitious do it yourself kind of person, you are also likely to save money. However, sometimes it is wise to leave the job to the professionals. The team at Pro Coating LLC can get the job done for you at an economic cost!

The team at Pro Coating LLC can’t wait to get to work on your new, super durable garage floor. We know that when you work with us on your garage floor epoxy coating, you will be beyond satisfied. The strength and shine of a new epoxy coated garage floor will be one that you will be able to admire for decades to come. For a free estimate on your new Connecticut garage floor epoxy coating, please call Pro Coating LLC today. We can’t wait to get your garage floor covered!

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