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Durable Flooring for Your Connecticut Warehouse

Warehouses and loading docks are busy environments. They’re buzzing with activity around-the-clock and they’re constantly exposed to harsh conditions. Excessive foot traffic, heavy machinery, drops, and spills can cause spalling, potholes, cracks, and crevices to form in concrete flooring. These types of damage can not only wreak havoc on your equipment, but it can also put the safety of your crew at risk; not to mention the fact that the repairs can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

In order to provide your staff with a safe work environment, reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and machinery, and avoid costly repairs, durable warehouse flooring is an absolute must. High-quality flooring will not only ensure the safety of your Connecticut warehouse, but it will also improve efficiency and productivity, and can save you from having to cover the cost of exorbitant repairs.

Why Epoxy is Ideal for Warehouse Flooring

The flooring is one of the most important parts of your Connecticut warehouse. While there are a variety of flooring materials available, nothing can compare to an epoxy coating. Made of a blend of liquid epoxy resin and hardener that, when combined and applied to a concrete surface, creates a hard, plastic-like barrier when it cures. Epoxy coatings have long been used for warehouse flooring, as it provides a number of benefits. Epoxy is highly durable and can easily stand up to harsh conditions and extreme wear and tear. It’s impermeable, so it creates a waterproof barrier. It’s resistant to chemicals, oil, and stains, too.

Thanks to its smooth surface, epoxy coating is easy to maintain. There aren’t any cracks or crevices, either, so there’s nowhere for dirt, debris, and microbes to hide, making it extremely sanitary. Finishes can be added to the mixture to create a slip-proof surface that’s safe to walk on. There is a wide array of color combinations, patterns, and styles to choose from, too, which means you can create a customized look that will add visual interest to your Connecticut facility. Epoxy floor coatings are also cost-effective and require minimal downtime, so your warehouse will be fully operational again in no time. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why epoxy is such a popular warehouse flooring material.

The Worker Applies Gray Epoxy Resin To The New Floor

The Warehouse Flooring Installers Connecticut Trusts Most

Pro Coating, LLC is a leading epoxy floor coating installer that specializes in warehouse flooring. Fulfillment centers, distribution centers, on-demand storage facilities, and much, much more; we’re the first company that Connecticut business owners call when they’re in need of durable warehouse flooring solutions. That’s because they know that we offer the highest quality products and deliver the most impeccable results for a fair and affordable price. Our high-performance concrete epoxy products are specially formulated to withstand the heavy loads and harsh wear and tear that warehouse flooring is constantly exposed to.

Our professionally trained and highly experienced technicians will meet with you to discuss your needs and perform a free, on-site assessment of your Connecticut warehouse. After we compile the information we’ve acquired, we’ll recommend the products that with think will best meet your needs, and we’ll provide you with a written price estimate. On the day of installation, we’ll work quickly, yet efficiently, so that you can get your warehouse back up and running as soon as possible. When you choose Pro Coating, LLC as your warehouse flooring installer, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’ll receive outstanding results.

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