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Epoxy Flooring In East Rock

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractors Near You for Your New Haven County Epoxy Floor Coating Project

Are you planning on updating an outdated or damaged floor? Do you want to add some visual interest to a space with a unique flooring material? If so, epoxy flooring is an excellent option. It goes without saying that you’re going to want to choose a reputable epoxy flooring company to handle your project. Instead of searching for “epoxy flooring contractors near me” and hoping you’ll find a reliable contractor, contact Pro Coating Concrete. We’re a full-service, fully licensed and insured, locally-owned and operated company that specializes in commercial and residential epoxy flooring. From epoxy flooring basement services to epoxy industrial floors and everything in between, we can transform any concrete floor into a durable, functional, and stunning work of art. If you’re looking for the most affordable, reliable, highest quality, and longest-lasting epoxy floor coating in New Haven County, contact the most reputable epoxy flooring company near you: Pro Coating Concrete.

Why Hire Professional Epoxy Floor Installers

There are so many reasons to consider installing an epoxy floor coating. This unique material is exceptionally durable, visually appealing, cost-effective, and requires little to no maintenance; and those are just some of the benefits that epoxy flooring provides. Like a lot of New Haven County property owners, in an attempt to save yourself a few bucks, you may be tempted to take on the project yourself. Sure, there are a lot of DIY home improvement shows, blog posts, and tutorials out there, but no matter how easy it looks, installing epoxy flooring is actually a lot more complicated than it appears.

Before you head out to your local home improvement store and invest in a DIY epoxy flooring kit, here’s a look at some of the reasons why hiring a professional epoxy floor contractors near you is a much better idea.

Increased Durability

In order to reap the full benefits that epoxy flooring provides, hiring a professional is an absolute must. An epoxy floor coating has to be installed properly, and unless you have received the proper training and have ample experience, hiring a pro is definitely the way to go. Reputable epoxy flooring contractors near you in New Haven County receive extensive training, use the highest quality products, have years of experience, and know exactly how to prep concrete surfaces and install epoxy floor systems. All of that translates to better, more durable, and longer-lasting results.

Better Aesthetic Appeal

When installed properly, epoxy flooring can be incredibly beautiful and attention-grabbing. To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results, the right amount of epoxy floor coating needs to be applied to the surface and it has to be spread evenly in order to avoid bubbles and blisters. If you’re interested in patterns or other graphics, materials like quartz and vinyl chip need to be properly mixed and applied, or if you’d like a special visual effect, such as marbling, rippling, or a metallic design, you’ll want to have someone who has artistic skills, extensive experience, and knows how to work with the medium in order to achieve the highest quality and most visually appealing results.

Faster Results

One of the major benefits of epoxy flooring over other flooring materials is that it doesn’t take as long to install. Compared to carpeting, hardwood, tile, and vinyl, which can take days, and in some cases, weeks, to install, an epoxy floor coating project can be completed in just a few hours. With that said, however, if you’re a novice and you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it could end up taking you a lot longer. For the fastest results possible, hiring a reputable East Rock, CT contractor is your best bet. Well-established, experienced epoxy flooring contractors near you will not only be able to achieve the most durable and visually appealing results, but they can get the job done as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying your new flooring as quickly as possible.


A lot of East Rock, CT property owners attempt to do their own epoxy flooring in an effort to save money; however, in reality, taking the DIY approach can actually end up costing you a lot more than hiring professional New Haven County epoxy floor installers. Once you calculate the cost of the supplies and any repairs that may be needed if a mistake occurs, doing it yourself can cost a pretty penny. If you want the most cost-effective results, hiring a company that specializes in epoxy flooring near you is definitely in your best interest.

Expert Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Services are Just a Call or Click Away!

To take advantage of all of the above-mentioned benefits, instead of searching for “epoxy floor coating near me”, get in touch with a reputable company that you know you can trust: Pro Coating Concrete. From small residential spaces to expansive industrial and commercial complexes and facilities, you can count on us for all of your interior and exterior epoxy flooring needs. For more information about the services we provide or to discuss a project you have in mind and request a free price quote, give us a call at 860-944-9977 or visit At Pro Coating Concrete, we’re looking forward to turning your bland concrete floors into a whole lot more!