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Warehouses are busy environments that are bustling with activity around-the-clock. The floors play a significant role in their overall safety and success of these facilities. In order to ensure the floors of your warehouse are durable enough to withstand the weight of the heavy machinery and complex equipment that you rely on, and that they are safe enough for your dedicated employees to walk on, you need something more robust than standard concrete; you need a premium-quality, expertly installed epoxy concrete floor.

At Pro Coating, we specialize in epoxy floor coating installations for warehouses. Private distribution centers, climate-controlled facilities, fulfillment centers; we offer and install a variety of high-performance concrete epoxy systems and concrete floor paint products that are specially designed to meet the high-demands of warehouses. Our durable, slip-resistant finishes will not only strengthen your concrete floors, but they’ll also improve the safety of anyone who walks on them.

If you’ve been looking for “epoxy flooring near me” in the Hartford area, get in touch with the region’s most trusted concrete epoxy experts: Pro Coating. With our concrete floor paint services, you can transform your warehouse floor. 

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