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Paint Garage Floor In East Side

DIY vs Professional Garage Floor Refinishing in East Side, CT: Which is Better?

Is your residential garage floor cracked, peeling, or otherwise worn out? Are you a professional mechanic and you want to make the floor of your commercial garage more durable and inviting? Whatever your specific situation may be, if you’re looking for garage floor painters near you, get in touch with Pro Coating Concrete! We’re a locally owned and operated, full-service garage floor coating company that specializes in garage floor resurfacing and industrial floor coatings. Our expert technicians can masterfully install all types of flooring systems, including color quartz, concrete polish, self-leveling, high-build epoxy coatings, metallic floors, and so much more. No matter what kind of condition your garage floor is in, our team can increase its durability and enhance its aesthetic appeal to turn it into a functional work of art. If you’re planning on painting your garage floor in East Side, CT, contact Pro Coating Concrete; Fairfield County’s most trusted painting garage floor company.

Reasons to Hire a Fairfield County Garage Floor Refinishing Professional

Painting a garage floor with epoxy can do wonders for your garage. Epoxy floor coatings are impermeable, easy to maintain, and virtually indestructible; not to mention the fact that they can completely transform the look of a garage.

Whether you use your East Side, CT garage for work or for play, if it’s starting to look lackluster or you just want to change the look of the space, garage floor refinishing might be a project that you’re considering. Before you download DIY garage floor resurfacing videos and out to the home improvement store, here’s a look at some great reasons why you should contact a professional that specializes in garage floor painting near you instead.

Proper Preparation

First, and arguably most importantly, the existing floor needs to be properly prepped for the epoxy coating, and that can be challenging. Professional garage floor companies near you will use high-tech equipment, such as a shot blaster or a diamond grinder to thoroughly clean and abrade the concrete surface. They’ll also check for and repair any damage. This part of the process is what ensures that the epoxy coating will adhere to the garage floor and minimize the risk of peeling.

As a layperson, it’s likely that you don’t own a shot blaster or a diamond grinder and you may not be able to get your hands on one of these high-tech tools, either. For the average person, acid etching is a viable option, as it will clean the surface of your concrete better than just soap and water. It will also help to roughen up the surface of your garage floor, which is necessary to ensure the epoxy properly adheres; however, acid etching pales in comparison to the level of abrasion that a shot blaster or diamond grinder can create, so your epoxy floor coating likely won’t last as long.

Proper Application

While applying a DIY epoxy kit might appear like it would be similar to painting walls or a ceiling, in reality, it isn’t as simple and straightforward as it appears. There’s more to it than just popping the lid off of a can and rolling the paint onto the floor. It has to be applied at the proper thickness level, it needs to be perfectly even, and it has to be as smooth as possible. These requirements for effective application can be pretty challenging for a DIYer to achieve. If you want to be certain that your epoxy floor coating is applied properly, it’s best to hire a professional Fairfield County garage floor refinishing company instead.

Better Products

Sure, home improvement stores and online retailers might carry some decent DIY epoxy flooring kits, but nothing that can compare to the high-quality products that a professional painting garage floor company would carry. Not to mention the fact that as a layperson, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to distinguish between the different DIY kits and you may end up choosing the wrong one.

A reputable East Side, CT garage floor coating company will have access to the most advanced products from the leading manufacturers. They’ll offer a variety of flooring systems, too. Of course, professionals will have ample knowledge and experience and will be able to determine exactly which type of flooring system will work best for your garage floor and that will suit your particular needs.

Faster Results

Painting a garage floor with epoxy can be a tedious, time-consuming task; especially if you’ve never done it before. Add to that the fact that with all of your other responsibilities, you have limited time on your hands, so you may not be able to get the project done all at once, which could delay using your East Side, CT garage. If you want the fastest results possible, hire a pro instead.

Because garage floor refinishing companies are knowledgeable, experienced, and use the right type of tools and technologies, and since painting garage floors is their job, they’ll be able to get the job done a lot faster. When you hire a pro, you’ll not only be able to start enjoying your newly painted garage floor a lot faster, but you also won’t have to deal with the hassle that comes along with doing the job yourself.

Better Results

Proper preparation and application, better quality products, experience, and know-how; all of these factors combined mean that you’ll get much better results when you hire a professional to paint your garage floor. A credible Fairfield County painting garage floor company will be able to deliver top-quality results that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Pro Coating Concrete: Fairfield County’s Leading Garage Floor Refinishing Company

To take advantage of all the above-mentioned benefits, hiring a pro to paint your East Side, CT garage floor is definitely the better way to go. If you’re looking for the best garage floor refinishing contractor, contact Pro Coating Concrete! Our years of experience, proven track record of success, and impeccable attention to detail are what set us apart from the crowd. Call 860-944-9977 or visit to find out for yourself why so many Fairfield County property owners contact us when they’re looking for “garage floor companies near me”.